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Unleash the power of positive press! What they say about your company matters — especially when it comes from a respected news, consumer, or trade publication. Incorporating the logo, accolade or review into your marketing literature, sales and newsletters, Website copy, annual reports and trade show displays significantly enhances your message and lends credibility to your company.

PARS can negotiate proper use of excerpts and logos in accordance with industry and publisher guidelines within a reasonable time frame.

Authorized permission is necessary for using Atlanta Journal-Constitution content for photocopying, republication or redistribution and for all uses in electronic formats. The Copyright Clearance Center is authorized by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution to handle certain requests.

PARS also traffics permissions requests for AJC staff photos from our archives. To obtain a quote for permissions regarding a specific article [or photo], please fill out a permissions request form.

Requests from media organizations for licensing recent AJC staff photos are handled by the AP Images licensing service. Contact an AP Images representative at 212-621-1930. For more information, visit their website at

In all cases, PARS can help guide you. To speak with an Atlanta Journal-Constitution permissions representative, please call 212-221-9595 ext 103. Please be aware that photocopying or republishing any copyrighted material without permission is prohibited by law.

Please note that all of our products and licensing services (including research and clearance services) are subject to fees. Fees are calculated based on the content and use requested, the amount of research required and the actual availability of the content to license.